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Is Your Elevator Okay?

10-Apr-18 | Last Update: April 19, 2018

Is Your Lift Okay?: Alvira is nine years old. Went out wearing new cloths for a ride with parents. When she is getting into lift, sensor of that elevator was not working well and she get a serious injury on her head. A terrible accident happened in a moment. Even after taking to the hospital, there was no last defense for the small child. This was in the capital’s Shantinagar Chamelibagh last Thursday, the 18-storeyed residential complex, the entrance of the elevator two doors, this child’s death has again raised the the question of using risky lift at home! If the president of the building’s committee expressed sadness as a mere accident, is it real an accident? Or the lack of maintenance and timely monitoring and death of another fresh life!

The residents of the 18-storey building demanded that the auto-sensor at the elevator door was not working properly beforehand. They have repeatedly complained but did not get any arrangements. The result was to get a life.

Complain against lifting began in Bangladesh, since the use of the elevator in Bangladesh. At the rate of increase in lift usage, the awareness did not increase. Many new lift companies and their latest technology are made up of security issues for passengers of the lift, where such tragic accidents push back these technologies.

Most of the elevator used in the home-office-courts of our country are usually door-to-door (shafts) and sensor controlled cabin doors. The cabin doors are made of auto sensor central door, whose aluminum panels come in opposite directions. Another type of elevator panels usually come from one side. These are called auto-telescopic sensor doors. Sensors are mainly open and closed according to the people’s come and go.

There is no option other than regular maintenance to avoid accidents. Not only the sensor, maintenance of the elevator unit as well as the elevator machine and the components connected with it are very important. Because, remember that, the elevator goes to a whole system, where the control unit controls the whole fluctuation of the elevator, so the drive unit is equally important at the same time. Pumps and valves are also associated with this Hydraulic motorized device. A passenger auto lift that operates in a coordinated operation

If there is an accident, the elevator manufacturer and supplier company with the owner can not avoid the liability. Because they look after the mechanical part of the whole system. Whenever there is any problem in the entire system of the lift, informing the owners that they have a maintenance team with the elevator and machine lifters of each elevator company to quickly solve it.

There are a Few More Things to Keep in Mind: Elevator Safety

1. When the elevator is in the house, before the lift is modern, whether the equipment is OK, how long the maintenance contract is to be kept in mind.

2. After lifting the lift, only a few days will be run on the experimental basis. Primary problems are usually caught at the same time.

3. The lift doors in the developed countries are kept transparent. Nowadays, many people use our elevator in our country. Someone else is having trouble with heart while fearing in the dark when the elevator is stopped. Even if the lift is closed, you may feel relieved to feel mentally out of it.

4. After lifting the lift, the internal lamp, fan, ventilation system will be checked again and again. An emergency landing device (ELD) is used for emergency landing, in which lift will be stuck on a certain level. Suppose you were on the 18th floor, the lift was trapped between 16 and 17. Elevators stop at a certain floor, but there is no electricity.

5. The elevator should be maintained at least twice a month. There are also some good lift service providers to do this routine work. They can take help. When buying the flat again, you will have to look at whether the elevator provider’s contract with the home-made company will be maintained, how many years the contract will be maintained, how long it will be maintained. Most of the time we do not notice it. Normally one year contract, it will be renewed once it is over.

6. If there is a liftman, the accident rate decreases slightly. Because, because of all the problems, because of any problem, quickly came to his attention. The overall direction can be kept in mind.

7. It was seen, the elevator door is OK, the sensor is functioning properly, there is a lamp-fan but the movement of the elevator is hampered, can not move smoothly. This is also a reason for the problem. Should take quick action.

8. Consult the expert before lifting the elevator.

Despite the elevator operator, the accidental fingerprint of the accident related elevator company shows finger. In the hope of getting a huge amount of money, we do not want to trade in this masterful device like elevator in the building! How much more we will be conscious after the accident! As a aware citizen, you can not avoid liability! What will we reply to Alvira’s parents? White-white face wrapping in blood! Do not tolerate!

N.B. This post is translated from Prothom Alo Online for awareness building.

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