Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King

05-Apr-18 | Last Update: April 23, 2018

Fifty years have passed. 4 April 1968. Fifty years ago, at the 6th of that day, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. A non-violent citizen movement leader lives in a violent incident. Just five days before, on 29 March, she went to Memphis to congratulate the demand for the salary and allowance of black cleaners. There was also a risk of attack on that trip. He was also aware of the matter. But he did not care. At that time he said that he was not afraid of anyone. His eyes are high in the mountains, where the dreams lie. He has made people dream about the wrong and frustration in the world. Made up hopeful.

American people are holding the 50th anniversary of Luther King at a time when frustration once again began to manifest his form. On the opposite side of the ghosts, the American people are returning to the horror of the past. And in the reverse, the White Americans are driving themselves to the President. As a result, 50 years after the death, Luther King is now becoming more relevant to American people. On April 4, 1968, when the King was defeated in a life-and-death fight in a surgical room, riots spread to at least 50 cities in Washington, DC. The riots were behind the mistrust of black Americans against white Americans, which was born a little bit by white persecution through a little bit. And now this year America has organized a great celebration to commemorate Luther King. What government, what different organizations King is commemorating? In this case, the reality of the division of the current American is also much more effective. Because, without self-realization, if everyone is blind, everyone, regardless of white-black, speaks of a diverse collective society. In their eyes, migrant country is not a stranger. All people of white and black-yellow have the right to live or live. Luther King has said this fact throughout his life.

Martin Luther King not only became the 50th anniversary year this year but for many reasons. Due to its main and main reasons, it can be said about Donald Trump. Donald Trump, the rising wave of rising radical and extremist nationalism all over the world, has reached America. He came with the phrase ‘America First’. This is a well-thought-out reaction of predecessor Barack Obama’s ‘I Have a Dream’ This reaction was not just against the opposite-ideological Democrat Obama. It has also become the opposite of the American values, which has been witnessed in America by the Sarolovski riots. Those riots are important for many reasons. Because this riot marks the direction of the trump administration. Earlier, many Americans were present in an anti-immigrant trumpet. Many analysts have initially identified Trump as racist and tough nationalists, but a large part did not agree with it. But his behavior with the black players of the Charlottesville and the National Football Association of America is in the way. Following this, he came forward with his explosive comments about Africa. These comments are patronizing white supremacist ideas or new nostalgic activities. Last year, these neo-natives made public procession in more than 50 cities of America. There was a swastika sign on them. Their statement is clear, they do not want to see an obscure person in America.

The rise of these white supremacists is not just that in America. They have emerged throughout Europe. Key German, French, and French are all heard in their ears. It is true that this emergence is the world’s most sought after refugee reality. The war in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas has made millions of people refugees. They are looking for shelter. The flow of people has rushed towards Europe. People have swarmed in the sea, there they are. At the same time, Europe has passed the economic challenges of America. As a result, a part of the citizens there started to blame the refugees for any problem. It’s normal.

Here the question arises the role of the state. Angela Merkel did great work in Germany. He is still facing the rise of hardliners. But in America, different images were seen. There is a person sitting in the mosque who himself has disconnected the United States from the world, cutting down hardliners. He said the old traditions and strengths of bringing back the power. But the task is to break the line of division. His policy is not saying, there has been a big impact all over the world. Just like this, Martin Luther King Jr. has become very important in this context. Now with the emphasis of his dream and hope, now there will be no division, no discrimination, no discrimination. People also know it. So, this time people are playing their killings, people join the slogan to fight for ‘establishing economic justice’.

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